Logitech Gaming Headset G930 7.1 Surround Sound

The Logitech G930 is ranked #2 on our list of the best gaming headsets for 2011. The 7.1 surround sound with advanced Dolby technology is simply incredible while the user interface and morphing options add to the overall “fun” factor. If you’ve never used 7.1 surround sound before, then you’ll be surprised at how easily you can hear enemies behind you so that you can turn around and easily knife them.

Programmable Buttons

As you can see in our featured picture the G930 has 3 easy-to-reach programmable buttons which allow you to easily switch between your music, morphing, and other options.


If you’ve warn a cheap headset before, then you know that after long hours of gaming it begins to wear on you. One of our favorite features about the G930 is the custom memory foam on the headband which prevents additional external noise and form fits to your head.


The wireless range on this headset is pretty impressive at around 40 feet. This easily allowed us to move around in a two story house. If you have to multi-task while you are gaming, then this can help to keep you in the game on Vent or whatever you use while still allowing you to take care of more important tasks.
Rechargeable USB

You’ve probably used these type of rechargeable USB stations with your gaming mouse. With the G930 if you ever run out of juice you can quickly connect to the USB station in order to keep playing and recharge your headphones at the same time.

Rotating Microphone Mute

Like the Sennheiser PC 360 the G930 automatically mutes when you swing the microphone out of your way. As more and more gamers have kids, a wife, and other real life distraction this option is convenient and helps you to keep your personal life off the battlefield.

What one High-Tech level user on NewEgg says about the G930

“Pros: Great Sound, awesome battery life, quick charging, able to charge while in use, good enough range, surround sound works great.”
Cons: Fairly Heavy”

What Amazon Gamers are saying:

“The wireless range and battery life really seem to be just as good as advertised, which was a very nice surprise. I can go anywhere in my house and still have completely clear audio. The majority of my front porch gets signal as well, and that’s going between three walls. Last night I went in game with only a partial charge, the software said 7 hours of battery life left. I played a little over two hours, left game, and it said I still had five hours left. Good stuff.

I love this headset. Completely. After years of frustration over broken wires ruining headsets, I could not be happier with this product. If you’ve got a nice, functioning headset already, like a g35 or whatever, I couldn’t justify telling you to purchase this. However, if you’ve got a cheap POS, or if you’re in the market to buy a new headset because you rolled over your current pair’s wires one too many times with your chair, I couldn’t recommend this enough. I’ve never spent this much money on one before, I’ve always been in the 50-70 dollar range. Dropping 160 wasn’t easy for me to do, money is tight these days. I don’t regret the purchase at all.”

Our Rating:


Overall most users have given this product a 4 or 5 out of 5 stars. After using it ourselves we give it a 4.5/5. With the recent $30 price drop on Amazon you can get this product at a great deal.

Where to Buy:

After the recent price drop we recommend that you buy the G930 on Amazon which is available right now with Free Shipping: Logitech G930

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